About us

Our objective is to reward people for interacting with the brands in a positive and genuine way.

Gustavo López

CEO, Co-Founder

Entrepreneur with a curiosity for tech and social projects. Music and philosophy are definitely two of his passions.

Manuel de la Torre

CTO, Co-Founder

Developer, geek and gnome. Passionate for product design, photography, hiking, mountaineering and traveling.

Luis Sánchez

Administrative Manager

Marketer specialized in corporate finances. Enjoys soccer, exercise but always makes time for a nice cold beer.

Francisco Espinoza de los Monteros

Creative Strategist

Marketer and Instagrammer. Passionate about photography and advertising.

Alejandra Mendez

Business Intelligence

Marketer and tv-series fanatic; loves cinema, literature, music and traveling.

María Fernanda Casillas

Inbound Manager

Communications specialist. Energetic and cheerful. Passionate for film, photography and literature.

Valeria Rivera


Accountant with a passion for rhythmic gymnastics, books, writing and traveling.

Agustin Peña

Software Engineer

Freaky by heart and crazy about programming. Clean code follower.

Gibran Arias

QA Engineer

Web developer, learning to code with best practices. Videogames and extreme sports enthusiast.

Fernando Toral

Graphic Designer

Foodie and traveler. Curious about photography. "Design is so sumple, that's why it is so complicated." --Paul Rand

Arturo Meza

Tech Lead

Curious web developer and life apprentice. "If something can be done right, why do it another way?"

Félix Díaz

Business and Product Development

Curious traveler who loves food and life. Passionate about challenges and problem solving.

Ana Sofía A. Rodríguez

Product Marketing Manager

Creativity enthusiast who loves to write. Passionate about music, coffee, traveling, meeting new people and good company.

Christian Portillo

Software Engineer

Web developer with a passion for music, sports and technology. "You'll never be wrong if you do the right thing."

Ulises Galaviz

Influencer Advisor & PR

Communications specialist and photographer. Loves music and cinema. Travel and social media addict.

Mario Mejía

Software Engineer

Developer with a passion for tech and music. Constantly on the search for new experiences. "If you love what you do, it'll never be a job."

Xenia Patrón

Product Education Manager

Communications specialist, chef, traveler, writer and event planner. Loves tea, mate, malbec and multiculturalism.

Cesareo Meza Pérez

Software Engineer

Engineer committed to work and people. Amateur soccer player and runner. Always on the search for new things to do.

Ernesto Tanori

Product Designer

Spontaneous, simple, and nature lover.

Luisa Fuentes

Inbound Manager

Marketer by profession, storyteller by vocation.

Jairo Rocha

Client Partner Director

Business entrepreneur addicted to challenges. Music and party enthusiast.

Ana Helena Sánchez

Mobile Software Engineer

Mobile developer who loves thriller and science fiction cinema. Politics, food and change enthusiast.

María Cortés Peralta

Office Manager

Loves her job and has a passion for reading, cooking and music. Always smiles to life.

Eduardo Picazo

Media Director

Former swimmer, airplane lover, travel and food enthusiast.

Álvaro Cisneros

Product Manager

Designer driven by the joy of problem solving. Fortunate guy surrounded by incredibly talented people. Enjoys eating and drinking with his loved ones.

Maried Mena

Growth Manager

Marketing addict. Photography and crafts enthusiast. Stories collector.

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