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Are you a social media influencer?

Collaborate with brands through clear rules, with metrics in real time and simple administrative processes.

Using VoxFeed assures a transparent process

Only you decide the negotiation price. The app will help to have better communication with the brands that want to contract influencers for their campaigns.

Through VoxFeed+ you will be able to participate in the campaigns of your favorite brands

If you would like to collaborate with certain brands and you have not worked with them before (or you are having difficulty connecting with them), VoxFeed+ allows you to participate in exchange for a service charge.

Receive your payment securely

The VoxFeed app is responsible for guaranteeing all of your payments as an influencer. You can request them through PayPal or a bank account through Payoneer.

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Connecting with their favorite brands

We have securely paid more than

+ $4'000,000 USD

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