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VoxFeed is an app that simplies the collaboration process with brands.

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Are you a content creator?

Collaborate with brands through clear guidelines, real-time metrics and simple administrative processes.

VoxFeed guarantees a transparent process

Only you decide the negotiation price. The app will help to improve communication with the brands that want to collaborate with you.

Do you want more collaborations?

With VoxFeed Plus you can discover new opportunities from your favorite brands.

Do you want to be paid sooner?

VoxFeed Pay helps you reduce payment time through an early payment system. Get your money as soon as possible, even for your collaborations outside of VoxFeed.

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Through VoxFeed, content creators have achieved



Connecting with their favorite brands

We have securely paid more than

+ $4'000,000 USD

Register and collaborate with brands in a simple way

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